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New to pickleball or want to brush up on some skills? Check out our beginner classes, private lesson, level up clinics, and coaches! 


Private Lessons


Level Up Clinics

Meet Your Coaches


Holly Smith

Holly has been playing pickleball since 2018, in which she traveled to play in many tournaments around the country. She is not only a pickleball addict but also a Nurse, wife, and mother of two. Holly has recently become a Selkirk sponsored Coach to go with her PPR certified training. She has been coaching for 3 years and is excited to bring her knowledge to Stacks Pickleball. Holly is a 4.5+ rated player with a 5.0 DUPR rating, who is absolutely obsessed with everything pickleball and wants everyone to learn to play the game.

Interested in scheduling a private lesson or have a question for her? Contact her at the email listed below.



Cindy Morris

After 12+ years of experience and long-standing sponsorships with Head, Cindy is a true professional and a veteran of pickleball. As a certified coach, she helps beginners, seniors, and advanced players learn and master the fundamentals. Cindy is known 

When you're ready to take your game to the next level, contact Brent for clinics, group lessons, or private lessons.


Brent Roy

With over 10 years of high-level experience, Brent is ready to take your game to next level. As a sponsored player with ProXR and a certified coach, he plays in 5.0-level tournaments all around the country and has trained his fair share of great players. Now, Brent helps pickballers in Baton Rouge develop and round out their game. 

When you're ready to take your game to the next level, contact Brent for clinics, group lessons, or private lessons.

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You're just a few weird rules away from America's fastest growing sport.


Non-Volley Zone (The Kitchen)

Ever played volleyball or tennis? Then you may know that a volley is a type of stroke where the ball is struck before it bounces. 

In pickleball, we have a 7-foot area on both sides of the net where you cannot volley if your feet are in that zone. As you progess, you'll learn a bit more about this area, but for now, this will get you started.



As we talked about in the 2-Bounce Rule, the server's advantage is limited in pickleball. 

When you serve, you must strike the ball below your waist and in an upward trajectory. Furthermore, your feet must remain outside of the court until the ball is struck.

This combination of the first three rules accounts for why pickleball points have so many rallies and are entertaining. 


The 2-Bounce Rule

This is a critical rule that keeps pickelball fair and fun. Because of this rule the serve is not really an advantage in pickleball, unlike tennis.

When returning a serve, you must wait for the ball to bounce once and your return must also bounce once before the opponent can hit the third shot. 



Normally, we hold off on teaching beginners how to call out the score until their 2nd or 3rd visit.

So, if you want, just show up! 
By and large, the pickleball community is full of great people who are happy to help you out if you get stuck. 

Regardless, here are 3 simple tips to remember: 

  1. You play to 11

  2. Points are only scored when you are serving

  3. There are no faults or redos on serves. Instead, each player on a team will get at least one chance to serve and score points. Win one? Keep going. Lose the rally, and the serve moves to the next player. 

Rating System

From beginner to professional, you will use a simple rating system to jump into leagues or find fun, competitive matches. 

You can either self-rate or use a ranking system like DUPR to get a more official ranking.


Welcome to the sport! There's a lot to learn and you'll have years of fun figuring out this epic sport. 

2.5 - 3.0

By now, you know the rules and can keep up with people at your skill level. Winning points is tough at times, so you may benefit from some clinics.

3.0 - 3.5

At this point, you are applying strategies and winning points more easily. You'll still struggle with some shots, but now the game is an addiction.


At this point, you are SOLID. You're in a great spot. There's still a lot to master, but keep up the great work and enjoy all the good times.

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